An Outside Look at the Inside of a Pastor

I minister at a seminary that trains the majority of our guys for local church ministry.  One of the blogs I follow referred to Dan Burrell’s blog.  Burrell offers ten insights for congregations to understand their pastor (Part 1 and Part 2).  These are insights from one who was once a pastor himself.  Not only should a congregant read these carefully but future pastors would benefit as well.  Having spent 27 years in one pastorate, I can add my hearty “amen” to Burrell’s observations.   

PS Also notice the need Dan raises under his first observation for pastoral internships: “Much of the experience and expertise in those areas needs to be learned and earned over time.  That fact has lead me to a personal conclusion that we should discuss pastoral internships more seriously in seminaries and church leadership circles.”

That is exactly what we do at my seminary.


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