A Message on the Song of Songs

One of my students, who knows of my interest in the Song of Songs, passed on a conference message by C. J. Mahaney delivered to ministry leaders and their spouses. While it is an older one (March 20-22, 2000), listening to it was enjoyable.  Although it was not expositional, there is enough to make listening to it a profitable use of time.  Mahaney’s enjoyment in sharing this book was clearly evident as was his admonition (and illustrations) to couples to follow its example. 

I wonder how MacArthur would view Mahaney’s presentation of the Song in light of his criticism of Mark Driscoll’s preaching of the same book (see my early post, “Preaching the Song of Songs”).   Mahaney did not shy away from exposing the literal meaning of certain metaphors.


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