Is Longman a Descendant of the Historical Adam?

One of my students gave me a YouTube link that is disappointing at best.  In this very brief video Old Testament scholar, Dr. Tremper Longman believes that the historical Adam is an open question.  He suggests that the only way to have an historical person named Adam is to read Genesis 1-2 in a “very literalistic way.” Further, he doesn’t believe that Gen 1-2 prohibits an evolutionary process for human creation.  If Longman is correct, one wonders who is the man who has relations with Eve in Gen 4:1? Or what does Longman do with the Adam mentioned in the Chronicler’s genealogy (1 Chron 1:1) or Luke’s (Luke 3:38)? (These writers seem to treat that Adam as a historical figure w/ descendants).  And did not Paul treat Adam as a real person and not simply a myth? (Rom 5:14; 1 Cor 15; 1 Timothy 2).  I have appreciated and benefited from Longman handling of the OT,  I hope that the video is an incomplete sound bite.


2 comments on “Is Longman a Descendant of the Historical Adam?

  1. If you read Longman’s Introduction to the Old Testament you’ll find that Longman views the pentateuch as an edited series of documents in line with the documentary theory. Hence, it is difficult to see how he is different from the neo-orthodox view.

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