Genesis Illustrated

For those who wished that God would have given his word in pictures, your wish may have come true (although this “word” is not from God).  Noted comic illustrator, Robert Crumb, has recently published an illustrated text of Genesis.  His 224 pages of comic illustrations cover all fifty chapters.  (See this NY Times article for sample pics).  His translation follows that of Robert Alter but in certain instances he retains the KJV because of familiarity. Unfortunately, the publisher does not make academic review copies available so I have to wait to buy my own.

I do wonder though if this will be the next “controversy” to hit evangelical churches.  The reason for such a reaction to a comic:  there are no strategically placed fig leaves or animals for Adam and Eve in Genesis 1-3!


One comment on “Genesis Illustrated

  1. Tim Raymond says:

    Dr. McGinniss,

    I might forewarn you that the book you mentioned contains sexually graphic depictions in a number of places. I skimmed through the book for less than a minute at our local book store and ended up seeing more than I should have.

    Take care,

    Timothy Raymond
    Trinity Baptist Church
    BBC ’00, BBS 04

    Thanks, Tim. Appreciate the heads up.

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