The Importance of Understanding the OT Demonstrated in A Terrible Misuse.

If you ever needed motivation for understanding the OT and its proper application, this article serves the purpose.  As you read this tragic tale, it is not enough to react emotionally and declare that these pastors are terribly wrong in their application of the OT. You must be able to explain why Exodus 22:18 and Deuteronomy 18:10 are being misapplied in their churches.

I would also encourage you as you prove their exegesis (and application) unbiblical, that you test your evaluation process on your own application of another OT passage say… 2 Chronicles 7:14.  This was an interesting exercise in our Old Testament Theology PhD seminar last week.


2 comments on “The Importance of Understanding the OT Demonstrated in A Terrible Misuse.

  1. Dan Lyle says:

    Hmmmm… Poor exegesis aside, I wonder as westerners if we can get our heads fully wrapped around this issue. I have a good friend who is a national pastor in Liberia. He founded a church and orphanage/school which serves 600 plus kids. He has told me that one of the biggest problems they face is the witch doctors and the minions of children that serve them. The witch doctors are kind of like mob bosses who use these kids and they ultimately prove to be stiff competition for my friends ministry. I know my friend would not approve of such corrective actions. However, I wonder how many pastors struggle with how to approach this issue. I am sure these pastors are influenced by the demonic oppression that they face in their culture and I wonder how those influences affect their exegesis… Scofield’s exegesis related to race was certainly influenced by his culture and certainly wrong. However, the larger body of Scofield’s work was sound. At some level I’m sure exegesis is influenced by culture and I wonder if that is the case here. Maybe these pastors are not bad people but limited by their cultural blinders… It makes me wonder about my own cultural blinders and how I may be misinterpreting Scripture.

  2. Steve King says:

    It is important to read what the article is stating. There is a competition by the different churches for members. He who can, by “divine” means reveal a witch is considered more powerful and will bring a greater draw of people.

    Many of these pastors will probably say they had a dream and it was revealed to them the person who is a supposed witch doctor. These children will not stand up and say its not true. After all it was “revealed” to the pastor by God that the an accused child is guilty.

    These pastors live anywhere in the Bible where they think they can get a greater name and exert the most control. One of my african colleagues describes these men as little “kings.”

    Steve King
    Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

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