A Modern Rendition of the Song of Songs?

 A friend (who received it from one of his friends) forwarded this modern day Song of Solomon poem to me this am. So, I cannot assign authorship for credit or blame.  That is probably a good thing!

 Behold, you are beautiful my love,
        behold, you are beautiful,

Your eyes are doves
        behind your veil

Your hair is like wholegrain pasta
         you make for the kids

Your teeth are like white alphabet tiles
         on the side with no letters
All of which have no food on them
        nor other foreign markings

Your lips are like ketchup
        with no high-fructose corn syrup
        and your mouth is lovely

Your cheeks are like cherries in 
        extra-cherry fruit cocktail
        behind your veil

Your neck is like Scurlock tower
        minus the parking lot
On it hangs Christmas decorations 
        just after Halloween

Your breasts are like two hamburgers
        from the children’s menu
        on kids eat free night

You are all together beautiful, my love,
        There is no flaw in you.


One comment on “A Modern Rendition of the Song of Songs?

  1. Mike Weston says:

    I’ll be sure to edit a few lines before I hand this to my wife on Valentine’s Day! Thanks for the warning.

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