People Are Watching

I have suggested on numerous occasions that people are watching how evangelicals “do” marriage.  This Lisa Miller’s article from Newsweek is a healthy reminder for that observation: “But when evangelicals are leading the charge in the marriage movement (and now, the anti-gay-marriage movement) arguing that sacred unions between one man and one woman are good for society because they’re good for children, one would hope that they’d have worked out the kinks a little better than the rest of us.” The sad truth: “According to the Pew Forum, evangelicals are more likely to be divorced than Roman Catholics, Mormons, the Eastern Orthodox, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and atheists.”

If we desire people to listen to our message, we need to get this thing we called marriage right. The world is watching.


2 comments on “People Are Watching

  1. Rod Decker says:

    It might be worth noting that these sorts of surveys are “self-defined.” That is, “evangelical” is anyone who claims to be an evangelical on the survey. If there were some biblical/theological filters built into the survey instead of just asking “How do you identify yourself religiously?”, perhaps the results would be a bit different (& maybe a lot different). That’s the opinion I’ve heard expressed by D A Carson and it sounds reasonable to me.

  2. Tom Bastress says:

    I agree with Rod. Even Barna research is questionable when it describes the trends among Christians. These are self-defined Christians, most of whom probably wouldn’t be caught dead in a conservative evangelical or fundamentalist church.

    It doesn’t take much to consider yourself a Christian today.

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