The Church’s Response to the Homosexual

The Church’s Response to the Homosexual Last week I presented this paper at my seminary. While it does not address the church’s response to the homosexual brother or sister (that may be my faculty forum paper next year), it is my hope that it will begin to help the church think through its reaction to this issue that most certainly demands our attention and biblical response.


2 comments on “The Church’s Response to the Homosexual

  1. Dan says:

    Jennifer knapp just recently announced, after a seven year hiatus form the Christian recording industry, that she is gay and has been in a same sex relationship for the past seven years. This didn’t surprise me terribly… As sand is to the beach so is one more wayward christian musician is to the music industry. What did surprise me though was the reaction of the Evangelical community. Mark Moring, senior associate editor for Christianity Today has noted that the magazines readers are polarized over Knapp’s choice. Its discouraging to think about how correct Francis Schaeffer really was…

  2. Randall Scotti says:

    Dr McGuiness,

    Thank you for your thought provoking paper. You have provided many suggestions that, the church would do well to heed, that, ultimately, boil down to seeking those who are lost, no matter which, is their sin.

    Yet, I contend for a distinction between people, who are lost, and entities, such as businesses and governments. As an example, a group of Detroit pastors, recently has sought to shut-down otherwise lawful “strip-clubs.” These clubs certainly qualify as sin ladened under Scripture, but, these pastors have sought the clubs closure, not for direct cause, rather, for in-direct cause. Derivative from strip-clubs, supported by statistics, are increased evidences of- prostitution, drug sale and usage, rape, robbery, and other crimes.

    While I am an antagonist to the belief that morality is accomplished through legislation, I remain a proponent that Christians remain not tolerant of sin. Thus, my offered distinction is- “for sinful people” yet- “against sinful entities.” I am of the mind that Jesus stood for the same. Much of Christ’s ministry was directed against Israel’s sinful system- Pharisees, Scribes and Lawyers, while particular individuals, who otherwise might have been Pharisees, Scribes, or Lawyers, nonetheless, had a gracious invitation from Christ. Both Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea might be evidence as such.

    Therefore, in application, Christians would extend Christ’s grace to the individual homosexual, et, al, while opposing gay rights activism, gay marriage, gay adoption, alternative lifestyle education in schools, etc.

    Westboro Baptist’s protesting funerals of slain soldiers, to my mind, is a non-sequitor with our instant issue.


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