Back to Laptops in the Classroom

NPR recently ran a story “Put Away That Laptop: Professors Pull The Plug.”  The lead paragraph states: “While high school teachers fight for their jobs, some college professors are fighting for their students’ attention. The competition is the ubiquitous laptop computer. University students say they’re essential. To many professors laptops are instruments of mass distraction.”

I thought Dr. Fredrick Lawrence (Dean, George Washington University Law School) had an interesting insight: “I think if no one in your lecture hall or your classroom is paying attention to you and you complain about that, that is like the baker complaining about the bread.” 

This observation made me think of how I teach in the classroom and also how I preach in the pulpit.  I wonder how many pastors complain about their audience’s attention span and blame it on the culture?  Could the same baker/bread dynamic be true in the church?


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