Romans in Rap

While doing some research on a totally unrelated matter, I stumbled acrossed Robert Gagnon’s rap of Romans. While rap is not my musical cup of tea, it is creative.


2 comments on “Romans in Rap

  1. Dan Price says:

    wow… really, mark? Separate research, huh? Having a hard time fitting the pieces of this story together. Admit it, you wrote this and published it under a pseudonym, didn’t you? I could actually see you doing this on stage at New Life. Maybe I should call Andy and see if he’s got a Romans series planned soon…

  2. Luke Johnson says:

    That was entertaining. There’s actually a young rapper named Shai Linne who has very sound theology and did a song on Romans.

    Several of the new rappers on today’s Christian hip-hop scene are of a Reformed bent and have high views of God, Christ, Scripture, and grace: Shai Linne, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Flame, Timothy Brindle, and others.

    Soli deo gloria in all genres of music!

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