In Case You Missed These

I was catching up on my journal reading last night and wanted to highlight three  articles that are (should be) of interest to those who appreciate the OT.  1) Richard Mayhue “The Bible’s Watchword: Day of the Lord,” The Master’s Seminary Journal 22 no. 1 Spring 2011.  2)  Jonathan G. Taylor, “The Application of 2 Chronicles 7:13—15” BibSac 168 no. 670 April-June 2011 (Taylor gets it right!)   3) Eugene Merrill, “Old Testament Scholarship and the Man in the Street: Whence and Whither?”  JETS 54 no. 1 March 2011. From his vantage point Merrill points out the contemporary issues facing OT scholarship.  An interesting read.

Another good article (though not directly related to the OT) for those who are watching the dynamics of social networking is the editorial by Andreas Kostenberger  in JETS (March 2011). Kostenberger recognizes the implications of social media on serious research by scholars.  It is worth the time to stop texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, etc and read the entire article.


One comment on “In Case You Missed These

  1. Tom says:

    For those of us who can’t access BibSac, what was Taylor’s conclusion, and why do you think he got it right?

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