No Adam, No Eve, No Garden, No Fall?

NPR has picked up the “new” conflict within evangelicalism: “Did Adam and Eve exist and did all humanity descend from that single pair?” (See the article by Barbara Bradley Hagerty here).  There is not much difference between this article and the June CTi cover story.  But it does show that the discussion concerning the reality of Adam and Eve is not confined to scientists and theologians. When biblical narratives become “news stories,” the church (through teaching and preaching) has an opportunity to engage the culture and help saints know what they believe and why.

It is worth noting this observation from the article by Fuzale Rana (vice president of Reasons To Believe, and PhD from Ohio U in biochemistry). He “believe the stakes are even higher in today’s battle over evolution. It is not just about the movement of the earth, but about the nature of God and man, of sin and redemption.”


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