Dead Sea Scrolls

For those interested in the OT you need to check out this link.  The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls is a project that has posted some of the scrolls online and allows one to magnify the texts!  My librarian son, Jeremy, thought he could “almost smell the leather.”  Check out the YouTube video that explains the project as well.

And did I mention that once you scroll over a text and click you will be provided with an English translation as well?  You can test your Hebrew reading—without vowels!

Currently, some of the scrolls will be on display at the Discovery Times Square in NYC beginning October 28, 2011.  See the website here. The exhibit features, ” the famed Dead Sea Scrolls, a stone from the Western Wall from the Second Temple in Jerusalem and more than 500 never-before-seen artifacts from biblical times.”  The exhibit will be in Philadelphia in May at the Franklin Institute.