Another Disappointment with God

In the NY Times today Abby Goodnough reports on teenager, Jesssica Ahlquist, from Cranston, Rhode Island.  Ahlquist’s claim to fame is her “win” to remove a student’s prayer which hung in her school for 49 years.  While the battle between separation of church and state is nothing new, I was intrigued with why a sixteen year old would be so against God even when she was not required to recite the prayer.  It was only a hallway display, a model for students to attain.

While I was intrigued, I also had a hunch—somehow, somewhere in her short life this girl was disappointed with God.  The NYT reporter writes: “Jessica said she had stopped believing in God when she was in elementary school and her mother fell ill for a time. ‘I had always been told that if you pray, God will always be there when you need him,’ she said. ‘And it didn’t happen for me, and I doubted it had happened for anybody else. So yeah, I think that was just like the last step, and after that I just really didn’t believe any of it.’”

Unfortunately Jessica joins a myriad of others who prove that it is easier to lower one’s view of God then to raise one’s faith to trust God even when life is disappointing. (See the whole article here.)



For those interested in Old Testament Theology listen to the May 2011 interview with Walter Brueggemann (here).  There is nothing “earth shaking” but it is good to put a face and a voice with an OT scholar –especially before you disagree with him.  Brueggemann has written much on the OT.  Listen closely to his thoughts on the prophets, Lamentation and hesed.  It is about an hour in length.