Living Your Faith on the Field


If you are a baseball fan, and even more a New York Yankee fan, you will want to read, Impact Player: Leaving a Lasting Legacy On and Off the Field by Bobby Richardson (Tyndale, 2012).  Richardson was the 2nd baseman for the NY Yankees during their historic years 1955-1965 when the likes of Mantle and Maris roamed the outfield of the house that Ruth built. There are enough inside stories of Yankee players to make the book a walk down memory lane for those who either watched these players or were told stories by their fathers.

Once the Yankee management employed detectives to follow their players when they were off the field so nothing would distract them from the upcoming ’58 World Series. While volumes could be written about the off-the-field antics of Mantle, Ford and others, the only thing that could be written about Richardson was that he liked milkshakes with shortstop, Tony Kubek!  Thus, the two middle in-fielders were known as the “Milkshake Twins.”

Although the stories like these provide a humorous glimpse inside baseball, it was the way Richardson shared his faith and lived his faith before his teammates that make the book a profitable read for a Christian.  If you know someone who is a Christian athlete and desires to live his faith in the arena, this should be on their reading list.

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