OT Preaching and the Word

I have just finished an article by Ellen F. Davis on preaching the OT.  An observation she made about preaching from Jeremiah bears repeating for anyone that has the responsibility for a church and preaching.

“What distinguishes Jeremiah from the masses of burnt-out ministers, lay and ordained, in the church, is that he never tries to fuel his ministry with his own vision, enthusiasm and creativity, with the clever answers he has devised to the conundrums of life. God’s word is the only source of power behind every word the prophet utters and everything he does, and his spiritual courage is demonstrated as he opens himself repeatedly to that word, through decades of unimaginably difficult ministry.”  (“Witnessing to God in the Midst of Life: Old Testament Preaching,” 
The Expository Times 2012 124:1 (1-8).

It is the Word that should and needs to take center stage in all we teach, preach, counsel, etc. in the church and in the preacher’s life as well.