I am not afraid to die; I am afraid to live.

I have been on the calendar to speak at our seminary chapel semester.  Since my good friend and colleague, Rod Decker (NT Resources) were in the midst of writing an article with the above title, we talked about sharing these in a joint chapel. Since our desire was to teach even as we shared our individual life journeys, Rod suggested we include a Q & A time as well.  Six weeks before this sounded like a wonderful idea.  I never expected  we have to hand out Kleenex with our answers.  I am posting the link for the actual chapel itself (here: scroll to Nov 15 Seminary Chapel).  While I assume the audio is clear (I have not tested–the live take was tough enough), I have posted the articles here without tear stains. WhenYourWorldCrashesDown2

I do offer one caveat: neither Rod nor I are looking for sympathy or (God forbid) pity.  We shared with our students in an effort to help prepare them as much as anyone can be prepared) for the time when their world crashes down. We also shared so they might have the courage to minister to others whose world suffers the same fate.

Song of Songs and “Hot Topics”

A few weeks ago at BBC College chapel I was asked to address sexual hot topics such as masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, and the like.  I used the Song of Songs to help the students think biblically about these topics and draw conclusions that are inline with God’s viewpoint.  Click here for those three chapel messages.  (Scroll down the page for the entries in October 2013 College chapel: Mark McGinniss).