Song of Songs and “Hot Topics”

A few weeks ago at BBC College chapel I was asked to address sexual hot topics such as masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, and the like.  I used the Song of Songs to help the students think biblically about these topics and draw conclusions that are inline with God’s viewpoint.  Click here for those three chapel messages.  (Scroll down the page for the entries in October 2013 College chapel: Mark McGinniss).


One comment on “Song of Songs and “Hot Topics”

  1. Jack Austin says:

    Dr. McGinniss,

    I tried to access the messages through the blog site, but I could only get the initial commercial from YouTube. The message(s) did not load. I was curious if the message is available with the video. I was successful in getting the audio file on the BBC chapel tab.

    Jack Austin

    PS – I probably should have just waited until after the course was done before listening! I hope I’m not procrastinating my required work by listening now. J Thanks for sharing these messages with me/us.

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