Death, Coffee, You and Solomon

I have been reading Ecclesiastes often the past few months usually with tea and not coffee. It is a book that has been read from extremes: Qoheleth was a pessimist, skeptic, fatalist, or an optimist or by some a realist.  I am in the last group.  One of the realities of the book is death.  In 7: 2 Solomon writes:

 It is better to go to a house of mourning,

Than to a house of feasting,

Because that is the end of every man,

And the living takes it to heart (NASB).

 While I have taught this in class and even preached it at funerals, I would not have guessed the topic would make its way into coffee houses around the world.  Not many would rather go to a funeral home than Starbucks! But there are those wise individuals who gathering is known as the “Death Cafe” who discuss all things related to death and dying. See the article here: “At These Coffee Klatches, Death is on the Agenda.”