Grieving a loss

The office next to mine now sits empty. My dear friend and colleague, Rod Decker, has been called to his savior this past Sunday morning. His gain is my loss.
Rod was the consummate NT scholar, brilliant thinker and committed churchmen. He was a model seminary professor who invested in his students through his scholarship, classroom teaching and in the individual lives of his students. His greatest joy was teaching and his greatest disappointment was when cancer took him out of the classroom. Rod’s teaching was not confined to the seminary classroom. For years he taught adult SS at his church.
Rod’s teaching impact will live on through his students and publications; however, we have lost the man whose humble character and dogged devotion to the Word drove his life and teaching ministry. He will be sorely missed.
Our friendship was formed in joint ministry and the crucible of suffering. His was an aggressive form of cancer; mine Trigeminal Neuralgia. He always believed that I had the more difficult path since my disease would not take my life, but his would! And he knew (barring a miracle) he would be delivered from his suffering much sooner than me. This sentiment expressed Rod’s heart: he always cared about others more than himself, always deflected praise and always gave God glory. Now he is enjoying the presence of the One who he so diligently taught others to know and love.



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