Thy Text and Thy Repellant, They Comfort Me?

In the not so distance future the modern shepherd may be replaced by a texting collar on his flock!  Sheep in Europe are being fitted with a collar that will send a text message to the shepherd when they are being attacked by a wolf!  The collar will also dispense a repellant to drive away the predator.  (See the story here).  Field trials are expected to begin in Switzerland in 2012.

I cannot help but wonder how this technology will impact the preaching of Psalm 23.

Imagine v. 1  The smartphone is my shepherd, I shall not want…


Theologians and Gun Control

An interesting side note in the debate concerning gun control in the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado.  While Kevin Bauder (here), Mike Stallard (here), and Rod Decker (here) offer theological insight into the tragedy and subsequent discussion concerning gun control.  It is a lone comment to Ben Witherington’s thoughts on gun control that grabbed my attention. 

 In a post for Patheos (here) Witherington took aim at the NRA and challenged them to make five significant changes that would, in his view, strengthen gun control.  In a return volley “John” on July 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm, wrote, “Dr. W3, I think people would take you more seriously if you stuck to topics you were informed about. Sincerely.” 

Whether you agree with Witherington or not, I wonder why a theologian, according to John, cannot have an opinion as it relates to gun ownership and use.  While Witherington did not offer any biblical support for his position and I think I can see his pacifism in his argument, I would want those who have studied the Word to bring that Word to bear on contemporary issues—even gun control.

Sorry, John.  While I do not agree with each of Ben’s points, we do not need fewer theologians involved in the discussion but more.