Why blog…

Until recently a bulletin board adorned the outside of my seminary office.  This non-descript cork square allowed me to share items of theological interest (or things that should interest) my students. However, in the name of aesthetics it has gone the way of the carrier pigeon. This blog is an electronic replacement and hopefully allows me to continue to share with my students (and friends).

2 comments on “Why blog…

  1. Hey Mark,

    Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am progressing on my dissertation. I’m sure that I will be contacting you for some advice in the future; possibly even some advice regarding “setting-up blogs.”
    Thanks for your friendship.

  2. Iva Lee Elliott says:

    I just read your story of TN in the Winter edition of the Kindred Spirit.
    I can certainly know what you have been through as I suffered with TN for five years. By the grace of God I came to know of Dr. Fukushima who performed microvascular decompression surgery at Raleigh, NC.
    I actually learned of the surgery from Dr. McElveen, neuro-otologist at Raleigh. I had the surgery in February of 2007 and have been pain free since. Dr. Fukushima is associated with Duke University, however he performs these surgeries worldwide. He has performed over 3000 MVD surgeries. You might want to check out his web site. I live in Edmond, OK (Oklahoma City area) and traveled to Raleigh for the treatment. I have a daughter who lives in the Raleigh area who was being treated for an ear problem by Dr. McElveen.

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